It's a beautiful thing to be witness a African Bullfrog dad protecting his tadpole offspring from dying. He made sure none of his tadpoles made it to those pearly gates as he does the unthinkable.

Nature on PBS put that spot light on the dad Bullfrog as he surprised many with his protective ways. He had his tadpoles in one little pond area which the heat was drying up that part so he had to figure something out quick. Thankfully his big body structure played a major role in helping save the tadpoles lives. These types of frogs are known for being large in size and protective of what is theirs, hence his personal groupie. Besides having a very powerful bite as the video host suggests, we do witness the devoted father part above. After seeing this, I believe it's a good choice to have the father look after the batch of tadpoles while they're still small.

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