If you think back to February of 2011, I was looking for someone to donate there vehicle to me for some great gifts and free concert tickets for a year.

This is the donation I received above.

Now almost a year and a half has passed and this is what the car looks like now. (above).

On May 29th, I dropped the beast off at Alamo Auto Supply so they can start doing what they do best. They won't tell me anything about what they plan to do but i know whatever they plan, It will be outstanding.

Keep checking back as I will be posting pictures and letting you know what Alamo Auto Supply has down for my vehicle and what they can surly do for your vehicle.

UPDATE: I will be picking up the beast tomorrow (Thursday 14, June) Stay tuned for further updates!!!

A little information on Alamo Auto Supply:

"In 1949, Alamo opened its doors in El Paso with a mission to provide quality automotive accessories at an affordable price. Since then, many things have changed. El Paso/Juarez has grown into one of the largest metro areas in the Southwest and to the variety vehicle accessories has exploded. But one thing that hasn't changed– Alamo’s commitment to give our customers the best value, products, and service for their money!"

Spend some time and check out what Alamo Auto Supply can do for you. It doesn't matter if you own a car, truck, SUV or van, Alamo Auto Supply is your first and only stop to take your vehicle from "STOCK TO ROCK!!!"

Check out Alamo Auto Supply website below and visit them @ 5923 Gateway Blvd.

Phone number:  (915) 781-1234