Just wear a mask for crying out loud. That was apparently too much to ask of this lady at Chico's Tacos. Here is the original clip from this past weekend.

Hmmm, she keeps saying "Don't touch me." What song could that phrase be mixed with to make the ultimate remix?

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A BOP. #fitfamep

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YES! It works so perfectly. Thank you Fit Fam for continuing to make the Internet a place for entertainment and a place I can for a good laugh.

Oh, and since I have the time, I should remind you that the cases of COVID-19 in El Paso have been sky rocketing because of people like this lady. The kind of person that doesn't believe the rules apply to them. Eff your rules, and eff everyone else, right? My rights are more important than anything else.

Well, congratulations. People who refuse to wear masks, wash their hands, and social distance have helped the number of positive COVID-19 cases jump up massively in the past month to the point Governor Greg Abbott has sent in reinforcements of nurses, respiratory therapists, and PPEs.

Heck, Fit Fam has us covered when it comes to COVID-19 as well. Just check out this line for testing.

Don't believe me that the spike in cases is bad here in El Paso? Just check out this tweet from KVIA's Erik Elken.

But don't worry. You not wanting to wear a mask is more important than any of this. You know the saddest thing of all? If we just followed the guidelines better, the cases would be going down, and we'd be able to open up more and more every day. Instead, we're going in the wrong direction.


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