The Green Bay Packers Running Back Aaron Jones has his own cereal now. Aaron Jones is featured on a cereal box for Touchdown Squares. The cereal hasn't exactly made it's landing quite yet in El Paso, Texas. But you can still own a box of Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares by ordering the cereal online. The only question is would you be willing to pay the price along with shipping and handling. The most I have paid for a box of cereal is about $4.00 which is for the family brand size. But since the cereal has not made its way to El Paso just yet, El Paso Packers fans must resort to ordering online. The PLB Sports and Entertainment have Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares ready to order but at a price. The company is selling 2 packs of Aaron Jones Touchdown Squares for $19.99 online. That is quite pricey for a cereal that won't last you very long.

Although I am a Los Angeles Chargers fan I am also team Aaron Jones since he represents the 915. Now I wouldn't exactly pay $19.99 for two boxes of cereal with Aaron Jones on the box. But I know there are hardcore Green Bay Packers fans in El Paso who would pay that amount of money for Aaron Jones cereal. Now, this is a long shot but if Chino Moreno or Maria Brink were featured on cereal boxes then yes, I would purchase the boxes no matter the price. Now, would you be willing to pay $19.99 for 2 boxes of his cereal, pass, or wait until it hits shelves in El Paso? Let me know in the poll below.

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