Walking in on two people doing the deed can really suck but imagine visiting the zoo and witnessing two animals instead? The only time animals at the zoo have any privacy is when they're closed.

The times I visited our El Paso Zoo I never witnessed this kind of situation with any of the animals. The only crazy thing my son and I witnessed was a seal photobombing us each picture we took. But one woman who paid a visit to the zoo got more than an eyeful. She noticed two gorillas mating during her visit and of course did what most people do when they react! She made sure to record what should be a private and intimate moment between the two gorillas. I am not sure why she would want to record and keep something like this but to each their own. It's sad to see because you can even tell the gorillas felt uncomfortable during their mating session. Hell, no one would be able to focus on their partner if they heard giggling in the background. So if you're ever at the El Paso Zoo and see some mating going on I hope you don't record it.

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