On this day ... 9/11 ... in 2001, the United States of America was viciously attacked. 

After that, flags flew everywhere, people were kinder to each other, our military and first responders were treated with great respect and we pulled together as a nation. Slowly though, the flags went away, the respect for those in the service of others waned and we all eventually got back to the business of being unappreciative and unconcerned with our country and our fellow Americans.

That's the biggest tragedy of all. That we can't consistently pull together. If not over the biggest of reasons, certainly not over the small things. And the small things are the building blocks of all things.

More on that in a second. First though, a thousand thank yous to those in the military who leave their families to protect ours and to those at home who "run in as others run out" - Thank You All.

Your actions and sacrifice are not completely unnoticed. Hopefully today, you will see that over and over again and ... hopefully ... that gratitude will be shown to you every day. Maybe, if we can agree to do that, it will lead toward all of us agreeing on other things. Maybe, someday, on all things.

Let's become the country described above, once again.  THAT would be the greatest "thank you" to our heroes of all.

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