Memorial Day is kind of a strange holiday. A 3 day weekend of chillin' and grillin' but, there's always the sad undertone of why the "holiday" day was created.

It's to remember those who are not here partying with us today because they gave their lives in the service of their country. A tremendous thanks is in order for that and it's also extended to all who have, are, or will someday serve. Thank you.

For me, Memorial Day Weekend has always been about remembering those, as well as the fun and insanity of spending the weekend with all of you at Wet 'N Wild. For years, we held the KLAQ Baloonfest out there featuring national bands along with the best "Local Locos". For all these years, this was always the craziest, wildest, almost dreaded, frantic and fun weekend of the year for me. This year though, it's different. COVID 19 has wrecked almost all events. Wet 'N Wild haven't even opened yet, (they will though), and, even though lots of businesses and activities have returned, many people are still unsure whether they're ready to venture out yet. Strange days indeed.

For me, Memorial Day Weekend will always conjure memories of hanging out and partying with bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, Chevelle, Atreyu and countless others. Plus, local acts like Texas Roadkill, Aftermath, Hillside Gamblers and  SOOO many more. This year, it seems like peeps are sticking to small, intimate gatherings like backyard bbqs and such and I'm all for that. Reconnect, rekindle and revive ... enjoy!

This madness will pass and we'll get back to fun events and normal life. Which means, we'll also get back to not paying attention to the little things so, enjoy those "little" things today. Ok? (And drink one for me, I'm with you in spirit!)

Please also remember this:

Parks will reopen and everything will return to normal. The bands will be back. The jobs will be back. The economy will come back. Everything will be back ... except those who lost their lives guaranteeing our freedoms.  Whatever you do today, remember that.

Remember them.

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