I am sure you feel just as excited as I do about Incubus FINALLY coming to El Paso! The last time I remember seeing them was years ago except that time they played in Las Cruces.

If you're in a good mood at work today it must be the rush of knowing you will be hearing Incubus later! I am pretty stoked to hear these guys again in concert and as usual, hope to hear a few favorites out of my many. We can't always hear them all but the four I chose are the ones that I get most excited with. The first song I picked is "Warmth" which reminds me a lot of my high school days. Next in line would be "Talk Shows On Mute" and reminds me of good old times with friends. The third song on my list is "Dig" which reminds me of how hard I have loved the wrong people. My last request would be "Adolescents" the song I blasted in the studio every time we aired it. Don't forget the doors open at 5 pm today and will be an outdoor show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center.

Crossing my fingers that you and I can hear more than a few of our favorites tonight!

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