This is quite the extraordinary footage of a whale protecting a human from a Tiger Shark! A humpback whale proved that "man's best friend" isn't just a title for dogs.

This snorkeler and Biologist/Whale expert Nan Hauser was able to get up close and personal with this Humpback Whale. You will see the whale let her swim around and even got to rub it a few times. Nan Hauser and her team caught the whole incident on camera underwater. This 50,000-pound whale was being abnormally touchy with her and she soon realized why. Nan noticed a Tiger Shark was in the distance and that the whale was trying to save her. She was lucky to stay alive AND have this kind of experience in what she loves to study. Caters Clips will show you the whole human being saved by a whale moment above.

Stun your eyes with this unbelievable heroic act this whale showed while saving Nan!

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