There are a lot of people sending death threats to one of the cast members who goes by the name of Alex Kompothecras for a video that surfaced. The video features Alex with a few of his friends dragging a hammerhead at a high rate speed.

E! News reporting and showing the graphic video of a shark being dragged and led to the cancellation of the Siesta Key premier party. The cancellation was due to Alex receiving death threats over the video that surfaced. Not only did the video of the shark being dragged go viral but also another where they shot the hammerhead with a gun. There are a lot of people saying that the show should be cancelled due to this type of behavior. Alex Kompothecras is saying he does not condone that kind of behavior and had nothing to do with it.

Whether Alex was a part of it or not, do you think that the guys should face the consequences? Take the poll below!

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