Pink Floyd's Roger Waters wants to perform "The Wall" by the wall in protest to Trump. Imagine how awesome it would be if other bands wanted to participate in the protest. The word around the streets is Roger Waters wants to play "The Wall" at the US-Mexico border! Since that latest announcement I was wondering if he plans on performing "The Wall" in El Paso, Texas. If I made a fantasy list of bands that would join Pink Floyd's Roger Waters it would be the bands below. So, of course, my fantasy protest festival would feature Roger Waters himself and my other 4 choices. It would be hella amazing if Roger Waters performed "The Wall" in our Sun City! Roger Waters explained how building a wall can be damaging. The wall doesn't seem that hard to climb after a lawmaker in Mexico climbed it to prove a point. Below is my fantasy playlist I would enjoy at a protest music festival!

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    Sugar Cult - Bouncing Off The Walls Again

    So yeah this band bounced off walls due to the influence of booger sugar. Which President Trump thinks this wall will also help keep drugs and weapons out. So this band would absolutely make a great accomplice to my protest playlist.

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    Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls

    Well in recent news, this song made me think of that dude that climbed the wall! He climbed the wall to prove to Trump that a wall is useless. So I thought what the hell, Radiohead has the perfect song for climbing up a wall!

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    Willie Nelson - The Wall

    Willie Nelson isn't a fan of President Trump's wall and we also share that same feeling. His song "The Wall" reminds him of a rough year he had from overbooking. Of course, doing too much can put some strain on someone. Hence, exactly how a lot of people feel about the actual wall.

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    Robert Plant - Carving Up The World Again..A Wall & Not A Fence

    Robert Plant is expressing how some of us feel about the wall situation with President Trump. This song finds Robert Plant railing against the higher-ups. After President Trump won the election some of us feel like the world is going off the tracks.