We all remember past school field trips to Licon's Dairy petting zoo back in the day. Some of our kids also share the same excitement for that place too. A few years back it was tragic to hear how 2 dogs had killed 10 of their animals in 2019.

But fast forward a year then the pandemic came about and shut down a lot of businesses. Luckily, times are getting better and since COVID regulations were lifted means Licon's Dairy petting zoo is open. It's very exciting when you hear some awesome news about a favorite place you miss visiting.

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If you watch the news religiously then you may have caught the segment about Licon's Dairy petting zoo. Apparently, there's a new animal in town that has a new home at Licon's Dairy petting zoo. You will be able to visit Kenny the kangaroo who you will soon be able to meet.

I remember when I was in elementary and we would visit Licon's Dairy petting zoo on school field trips. I had always wished to see a kangaroo because I thought they were the coolest animal on the planet then. Now that my childhood wish is coming true many years later, my kids and I will be visiting soon to meet Kenny the kangaroo.

But until that time comes we just have to wait until Kenny's personal space is built and then we can finally greet their new animal. Licon's Dairy petting zoo already opened their doors to the public. I also spoke to the manager Angel Licon who shared some photos of Kenny the baby kangaroo with me.

He also mentioned they plan on getting more animals in the future. Licon's Dairy petting zoo has always been a favorite family outing for El Pasoans since forever now. But now you can pay a visit to feed the animals the next time you go to visit. Also, Licon's Dairy petting zoo will still follow Covid-19 restrictions so remember to wear your mask and continue social distancing.

Kenny the Kangaroo

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