A new survey found that most Americans get stressed by a messy kitchen. It could be that I'm finally embracing being in my 30's, or that I've reached a level adulting that involves me cleaning like my grandmother used to, but I definitely agree- a messy kitchen is stress inducing!

How is it that I am always cleaning the kitchen?! It doesn't matter if I've ordered takeout and didn't even use the kitchen all day, or if I've been gone all day- no matter what, I always have to clean the kitchen! I'm apparently not alone, in a poll of 2,000 millennial moms (while I'm not a mom, I am a millennial- also, why did they just poll the mothers? I digress) more than half of respondents (51%) find themselves unable to enjoy a meal if dishes are looming over them.

I have to fully agree- what is it about dishes in the sink that can ruin my meal? I must wash those dishes- as do the 67% of those surveyed said they choose to clean their dishes as they cook in hopes of finding a sense of peace. 

In the madness of the kitchen, I'm also on a journey to declutter my life at home. I guess at some point I have to just accept that the kitchen is something that will constantly need to be cleaned. Again, it could be that I'm finally reaching a level of adulting I didn't know existed; but the satisfaction of having a clean kitchen, even if just for a few minutes, definitely brings me a sense of peace.

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