Fans of the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink from McDonald's were very disappointed when the drink was discontinued. Now kids weren't the only ones who enjoyed ordering that drink from time to time. There are adults (including me) who also like to order the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst occasionally. Well, when McDonald's announced the bad news about saying goodbye to Hi-C Orange Lavaburst fans reacted and one even started a petition to stop it. As soon as Sam Crawley came across the shocking news he took it upon himself to start a petition demanding to keep the classic drink around.

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Well, the petition didn't convince those responsible for taking the drink from us but have changed their mind after many years without it. The popular drink has been gone for a LONG while but now fans can rejoice about the recent news of McDonald's bringing it back. Fans of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst are thrilled and anxiously awaiting for June to roll around just so our tastebuds can be reunited again with that fruity favorite beverage.

McDonald's just keeps throwing surprises our way by bringing back menu items we have missed over the years. For example, they recently brought back their Spicy Chicken McNuggets and their Mighty Hot Sauce but those are only available for a limited time. Well, McDonald's set up a time tracker for when we can expect Hi-C Orange Lavaburst to arrive at participating locations. But, that isn't the only liquid refreshment that is making a comeback to McDonald's. They're also bringing back the carbonated Fanta Orange to participating McDonald's locations. Well, I like to believe there are just as many fans who prefer Fanta Orange over Hi-C Orange. In my opinion, I have never been a fan of any of the Fanta drinks so didn't really care to hear the news about that drink coming back. Crazy to say, but there have actually been debates about which orange drink rules at McDonald's I've seen between friends. Once you witness something like that, it will have you really wondering about which drink would win a battle if McDonald's could only bring back just ONE orange drink. Well, my vote hands down, goes to the ever so tasty Hi-C Orange Lavaburst but that doesn't mean you also agree with me. If you're at all curious about which drink would win the battle to make a come-back if McDonald's could only choose one to return, place your vote below.

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