As a cat lover, actually just an animal lover all around, I was saddened, and infuriated when I read the news of this EP firefighter who is accused of poisoning cats in his neighborhood. I understand that stray cats are a huge problem in the city; I've seen it firsthand, which is why I would highly recommend El Paso TNR.

El Paso TNR is the city's only 501c3 nonprofit TNR advocacy organization. TNR means trap, neuter and return. According to their website, Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) is an approach to animal control where community cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated, sterilized, and marked by an identifying notch in their ear. TNR is a proven method that is both humane and effective. When all cats are spayed, neutered, and returned to a colony, the population size will gradually decrease as offspring are no longer produced.

As a cat lady, and a person who tends to feed the neighborhood cats, I have personally seen the great benefits of TNR. I encourage everyone to reach out to El Paso TNR if you have cat colonies in your neighborhood. If you hate cats and are annoyed by the cat population in your neighborhood, I especially encourage you to reach out to EPTNR as this is your opportunity to learn about what you can do to decrease the cat population in your area.

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El Paso TNR will also be holding a "cat chat" on November 6th in Downtown EP. The forum will educate the community on TNR. You don’t have to kill cats to control the feral population in your area and this is such a great program where everyone reaps the benefits. Make plans to attend the Cat Chat hosted by El Paso TNR on November 6th, also check out their website and their Facebook page to find out ways to help  the cat population in the city.

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