Just in time for Christmas, here's a great gift idea!

Just about every kid, (and some adults ... like me), has played with and/or collected Hot Wheels. None as cool as this though, a special series of the classic toy cars features Led Zeppelin - themed designs. Society of Rock describes them this way:

The Hot Wheels Pop Culture Led Zeppelin 2020 Mix 1 Vehicles Case includes Haulin’ Gas (a black and silver tour bus), Super Van (with Led Zeppelin in pink font and some smoke decals), Combat Medic (with the cover artwork from their third studio album), 67 Austin Mini Van (represents the tour de force fourth LP complete with the four symbols), and the Hiway Hauler (which depicts their 1975 American Tour). - societyofrock

A great stocking stuffer for sure and, here's some advice for you - I'd buy at least two of each. That way you can keep one unopened as a collectible and your kid ... or you ... can play with the others.

Photo, ebay.com
Photo, ebay.com

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