Here is a man who can get away with a couple titles like singer AND chef and rocks the titles well! It's always nice to see rock stars step out of their comfort zone like Jacoby giving us a cooking lesson.

He walks you through the process in putting together what he enjoys indulging. The primary ingredients are basil, mozzarella, tomatoes and some balsamic vinegar. It may not be a hot cooked meal but it sure does sound delicious. While he is prepping the ingredients he is also playing comedian with his friend. Hell, he even decides to taste the cheese water from the mozzarella he is using for his dish. If you thought he had someone else making his meals, you're dead wrong about that! During his cooking lesson he has concern about a bald spot (that is not there) but only if he knew we love him bald or hairy.

They may not be bringing their cooking skills to El Paso but will for sure be bringing the music to Streetfest!

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