I love it when my favorite things all come together!  (if we could have just worked a hottie and a beer in to this, it would have been a clean sweep!!)

Metal and motorcycles need no explanation.  As for Sons Of Anarchy, it's a helluva show! (I got to meet one of the main characters last winter at Barnett Harley Davidson, Emilio Rivera (Alvarez) and named one of my dogs (Opie) after another character.) It's not only a good show, it has a cast that rocks. Literally.

Katy Sagal (Gemma) was a singer before becoming an actor and Dave Navarro has appeared in a few episodes.  (Alot of the music used in SOA comes from unknown, unsigned bands!) Now, another rocker has joined the cast!


A guy who's pulled all his favorite things (and bands) together big time, Rusty Coones of Attika 7. Rusty builds custom motorcycles, has a recurring role on SOA and is in Attika 7 along with guitarist Zach Broderick (Nonpoint/Voodoo Corps), drummer Tommy Holt (UPO) and Scott Reeder. (Kyuss/Dave Grohls Sound City Players)

Out front, they have Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard.

They're currently out on the Mayhem Festival.  Check 'em out below, catch Rusty on SOA and absolutely see Attika 7 live if you ever get the chance!!

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