I have a quite the list of songs I would love to hear at a Papa Roach concert! Now some of my very favorites haven't been played yet at the Papa Roach concerts I've attended. I am really hoping to hear one of the three this Saturday.

One of my favorites I have not been able to hear live is "Lifeline." That song was originally going to be called "Hanging On" until Shaddix changed the lyrics. The next song I also haven't heard at a Papa Roach concert is "Broken Home." Now that song takes me back to the time I was in high school. That song was about a serious topic most kids have a difficult time dealing with. That topic is divorce and still see a lot of people suffering with the aftermath of a divorce. I remember my ex-best friend at the time would play that song so loud while we sang our hearts out.

The final song I probably won't hear that I deeply wish I could is "No Matter What." The song that basically talks about being in it for the long haul with your significant other. Out my favorite three I hope to hear Saturday, which do you hope to hear?

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