There is somewhere you can take a dip at one of the most popular dive destinations! It may require a road trip but it won't take that long to get there. It can be dreadful on the kids when you're traveling on the road. It's also dreadful for you to have to hear a question repeated over and over if you haven't reached your destination. This popular diving spot was given some spotlight on the Visit New Mexico Facebook page.

The famous diving spot is about 266 miles away from El Paso. It is 80 feet deep and has a constant temperature of 62 degrees. There are not only scuba divers that go to visit but also tourists who want to just take a dip instead of diving. This is a neat place to take a quick road trip that isn't too far away and would be a lot of fun. The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa, New Mexico is a cool place to cool off during these hot summer days!

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