This is a dangerous area to be around when El Paso is expecting a flash flood warning. You being able to view this video is proof that the person responsible for recording is alright.

10 Audi01 happened to be in the McKelligon Canyon area during our flash flood. This flash flood occurred in September 2013 around the central area of El Paso. It was neat to see the flow of water streaming along the base of the mountain. This can be a dangerous area to be in during a flash flood in McKelligon Canyon. The responsible party for this video took their chances to give you a closer look at where the water goes. Please do not attempt to catch the same kind of footage as above during a flash flood in McKelligon Canyon. McKelligon Canyon may look like this if we have flash floods during the summer.

This is the kind of weather that you should want to stay indoors for and avoid being out in!

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