Everyone had that one dream girl from their favorite television series, whether it was to marry her or to be her.

These gorgeous ladies were in our favorite shows making our brothers drool as soon as they hit the screen. I not only admired them because they were fashionable, I mean, c'mon, they were hot. So check out my top 5 hot girls I would admire when I watched T.G.I.F. or my morning Saturday shows back in the day.


Tiffani Thiessen / Facebook

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (who now goes by Tiffani Thiessen) also known as the beautiful Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell. She was that gorgeous cheerleader who couldn't make up her mind between A.C. Slater and Zack Morris. In the end, she decided on Zack, married and lived happily ever after. Honestly, I would have chosen Zack too!

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images



Candace Cameron Bure / facebook

Candace Cameron Bure: DJ Tanner from Full House. She was smart, cute and always knew what to say ... and wear. She was that one girl you would want to get advice from whenever something went wrong ... well, actually that was the whole cast of Full House (except for Jodie Sweetin).

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images



Brittany & Cynthia Daniel / Facebook

Twins Brittany & Cynthia Daniel as Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield on Sweet Valley High. One was smart and mature as the other was flirty and scandalous. My friend Linda and I loved the show so much we used to pretend we were them when we were in middle school. (If you think these girls look familiar and not because you've seen the show SVH ... they are, remember those twins from Basketball Diaries ... Winkie and Blinkie? Yup! That's them!)

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images



Christina Applegate / Facebook

The flirtatious Christina Applegate as the ditzy but sexy Kelly Bundy of Married ... With Children. What can I say, she was hot!! She got to date the cutest guys and got away with mostly everything! I mean, can you imagine if her mom Peggy Bundy was just like Gemma from Sons of Anarchy is?! That would kinda suck!

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images



Alyssa Milano from the tv show "Charmed" 1999 Paramount Pictures/Delivered by: Online Usa, Inc.


Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed. I've always loved her style. She was adorable in Who's The Boss? (if anyone remembers that show), remember her in Commando with Arnold? She was also one of the many that played Amy Fisher.

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for PMC


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