"Cruella" is proving to be a hit, there's even a sequel in the works. It's shocking to me because, despite not seeing it, a lot of people I know were not that impressed with the movie.

The trend of villains getting their own origin stories can either go really good, or really bad, apparently. I really enjoyed some of the Disney origin stories that were told in the show "Once Upon a Time". The Evil Witch's story was great, and the show did a great job of redeeming her character. I have to also admit that "Maleficent" was amazing.

Now that Emma Stone has brought to life "Cruella", and has left everyone with mixed reviews, Disney believes it's time to tell other villains' origin stories. But what other villains deserve an origin story? We took to our social media to ask:

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Y'all gave us some good answers! Here are seven villains that you believe deserve their own origin story.

1. Magneto:

I didn't watch the X-Men movies past "X-Men: The Last Stand" but doesn't the "X-Men: First Class" kind of tell the story? Either way, I know Michael Fassbender plays younger Magneto and I would like to see that origin story with Fassbender.

2. Jim Moriarty (From Sherlock)

I've never seen "Sherlock" but I hear great things, and now seeing this guy as a villain I'm even more intrigued.

3 Mumm-Ra

Lot's of questions would be answered with a Mumm-Ra origin story!

4. Charles Lee Ray 

A Chucky origin story would be amazing! How did he get into the occult and get the Heart of Damballa? How did he and Tiffany meet? These are things we would get in an origin story!

5. Rumpelstiltskin 

"Once Upon a Time" actually did a good job of having an origin story for Rumpelstiltskin. But if we got an actual origin movie that would be amazing, but Robert Carlyle would definitely have to play him!

6. Palpatine 

I don't know much about this guy, was some of his story already told? I'm sure many would love to have another "Star Wars" movie based on this one guy,

7. Crowley (From Supernatural)

I would LOVE to see Crowley's origin story! If it involves Sam & Dean, even better!


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