Earlier this month, many were shocked to find out that a gender reveal started the massive El Dorado fire, which is now grown to over 22,000 acres and is 60% contained. The fire has also tragically taken the life of one firefighter, 39 year-old Charles Morton.

Morton was a Big Bear Interagency Hotshot Boss and was battling the fire when he lost his life according to CNN. Many people were horrified to find out that the deadly blaze was due to a gender reveal party, but this isn't the first time a gender reveal party started a wildfire.

There was another blaze that began in Arizona due to a gender reveal party. The off-duty Border Patrol agent who accidentally started that fire was ordered to pay back $8,188,069 in restitution, starting with a $100,000 beginning amount and monthly payments after. Although that fire was costly, it thankfully didn't kill anyone, unlike the El Dorado fire.

Fires aren't the only time these over-the-top gender reveals have gone wrong. These gender reveal mishaps are just more reasons why the gender reveal trend needs to end.

When a couple is expecting a baby, it is an exciting time for the parents and their loved ones, but that doesn't mean they have to make the baby's gender announcement bigger and better every time.

Maybe it's time we go back to the tradition of waiting until the baby is born to reveal what the gender is. Decorate the baby's room in neutral-toned greens, yellows, and greys. Then when the baby arrives, it really is a surprise for everyone.

If a couple wants to know what the sex of the baby is before the child is born, that's fine too. But might be a better idea to just send out a text to everyone instead. It's a lot safer. See the times a gender reveal went wrong below.

7 Times Gender Reveals Went Wrong

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