For the past year, I had been contemplating getting an air fryer. Many said that it was overrated and really not worth it. A couple of months ago, I decided to try it for myself. After extensive research, I found the one I wanted, and to my delight, it was on sale!

I ended up with a Food Ninja 6 in 1, 2 basket air fryer and I can honestly say it's the best thing ever! I always thought people with air fryers were exaggerating when they said that their air fryer changed their life, but I can attest that it's true! I didn't want to fall into the cliché but it's true, and now that I'm an air fryer convert, I'm here to convert you.

At first, I thought only traditional food items could be cooked, at least according to the guide that came with it. We tried vegetables- amazing! We air fried some chicken and it was fast and convenient.

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We got a bunch of frozen foods and decided one day to have a "Top Chef" contest. My nephew air fried some frozen dino nuggets. I air fried some frozen pretzels. My sister air fried some sweet potato fries. Basically, if it could be microwaved, we put it in the air fryer!

But then I fell into a rabbit hole of TikTok videos where creators were putting foods you wouldn't even think of in the air fryer! After a few tries, I believe that the following six items should definitely be tossed into the air fryer!


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