The 4th annual “Together We Will Live" 5K, to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer, is next month.

The run will be held September 10th at Burgess High School. Proceeds from this event will go to "Diana's I Will Live Foundation", the only Ovarian Cancer foundation in the Paso del Norte area.  According to a press release from the foundation:

The Foundation provides ovarian cancer awareness to our community through social media, community presentations, and through our 5K run/walk.  Our 5K Run/Walk this year marks our 4th annual run and it will be held in September at Burges High School. The 5K run has had over 750 registrants each and every year since we started it in 2014. 
Unfortunately, over 14,000 women die every year from this terrible and deadly disease that is extremely difficult to diagnose.  Many of the symptoms are common and are often confused for other maladies and a diagnosis is often made too late. When a diagnosis is made early, the survival rate is an amazing 90 percent.  This is why awareness is such an important key to survival. This is why we exist.
For more information, contact Marco Martinez at (915) 329-3472 or, click here.

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