Hikes and field trips along with cave and mine explorations are coming this Fall.

As summer temperatures begin to ease, a bunch of outdoor activities have been arranged as part of the "Celebration Of Our Mountains".  Perfect ways to put down the phones and video games, turn off the tv's and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather here in the Borderland.

Events in Franklin Mountains State Park run from Saturday, September 9th - Sunday, November 19th and include visits to an old tin mine, Aztec Caves and Cottonwood Springs.  Events at Hueco Tanks State Park, which include hikes, viewing the solar eclipse and stargazing, run from August 21st - November 30th.

Areas around El Paso with events planned for the celebration are Leasburg Dam, north of El Paso between Las Cruces and Hatch, and Guadalupe Mountains State Park, a couple of hours east of El Paso.

To see all the "Celebration Of Our Mountains" events and day trips, visit their Facebook page or, click here.

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