Over the years I have taken pictures of clouds I found amusing which I am sure you will too! The El Paso sky can be a beautiful sight when you sit back and enjoy the nature around you.

Usually, our initial reaction when we see something interesting we snap a picture of what we see. When I have some free time (which is rare) I enjoy observing the sky because for me it's relaxing. Not only is it relaxing but it's also entertaining when you spot certain shapes made out of a cloud. Below I made a list of the different types of clouds I spotted in the sky. One picture I took had me feeling like I was on cloud nine after snapping the picture! If you appreciate our massive sky and the clouds that roll through, check out the pictures below.

If you've caught some neat photos of our El Paso sky feel free to share them in the comment section below!

  • Veronica G.

    Circular Cloud

    This kind of cloud reminded me of an Alien for some odd reason. The shape of this cloud seemed odd and also was the only cloud in sight.

  • Veronica G.

    Heart Shaped Cloud

    Now this cloud I definitely LOVE because of the shape it formed. If you tilt your head to the left, hopefully, you will also notice a heart shaped cloud. It's the kind of cloud that will make you feel the love!

  • Veronica G.

    Cloud Waves

    This picture I took after the rain settled and the sun was setting. The clouds formed a ripple of waves that you would see at the beach. These waves of clouds were a beautiful sight to gaze at.

  • Veronica G.

    Cloud Explosion

    This picture was astonishing just because of how much it looked like an explosion. This day I remember watching the news to see if anyone reported on this site. It almost seems like it came straight from a cartoon scene when there's an explosion.

  • Veronica G.

    Overflowing Clouds

    As for this final picture of clouds, it looks as if the clouds are overflowing. It seemed as if the clouds were falling down toward the neighborhood and about to cover the area.