It doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween for you to go get creeped out.

Halloween is upon us and the KLAQ Haunted Houses of Terror are back in action.

We've not only reopened the haunted houses, we're also giving away a trip to Las Vegas to see Five Finger Death Punch. Here's a "top 5" list of naturally scary places.

  • Trans Mountain Road. Take Trans Mountain to about the halfway point, preferably on a moonless night, turn off the car and just sit for a while in one of the turnouts. With the exception of a passing car, it's eerily quiet and you may even see a genuine ghost or two as the area is said to very haunted.
  • The Desert. Take the Anthony Gap to, as with Trans Mountain, about the halfway point. Take any of a number of dirt roads out into the country and get as far from the highway as you dare. Then, listen ... you may hear voices.
  • Cemeteries. These places can give you the heebie jeebies any time of year. Here in the El Paso area, we have a couple of realllllly old ones that are even spookier than most. Namely, Concordia, the old smeltertown cemetery and that really, really old one just off highway 28 not very far from Old Mesilla.
  • The Plaza in Old Mesilla. Speaking of old Mesilla, late at night, after all the shops have closed and "gone dark", the ghosts roam, the aforementioned voices may be heard and general creepiness ensues. Especially in spots just off the Plaza.
  • Any place from which your wife or girlfriend will only answer you with "I'm/it's fine", "do whatever you want"  or "nothing". Every guy reading this just felt a chill ...

There you go, 5 places that will scare you no matter what time of year it is.

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