Here in the Borderland we are experiencing what we know as "monsoon season". No, there aren't big monsoons like those you'd see on the news, but to us, the heavy rains means mud and flooding. However, with monsoon season here, that means that fall is right around the corner! Which is great because I love fall! I love pumpkin spice (even though I still can't taste) I love flannel and getting ready for Halloween- although, if you have some big fall plans, you may want to pump the breaks on that for now.

While the Delta variant sweeps the US, here in El Paso we've had three known cases of it. The Delta variant comes with its own set of risks- like being more transmissible and more severe. Which means, we may all have some big plans for fall, but the Delta variant has bigger plans.

And with the looming threat of an apocalypse, what better way than to make some jokes? Jokes and memes are what got us through the first round of lockdowns and it's no surprise that the memes are already in full force as the Delta variant starts to show itself in more places.

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According to the website Know Your Meme, which tracks popular internet memes, the first known use of the "fall plans" meme was posted by Twitter user @jush_for_fun, referencing participants in the show "Ru Paul's Drag Race." You can check it out here. But because we are in the Sun City, what better way than to relate the Delta variant to something we understand? Check out these five "My fall plans" memes that relate directly to the Sun City.

It looks like my fall plans include masks and getting to know my UberEats driver again.

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