The Squid Game has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. Many of us here at work have watched it.

Even The Buzz Adams Morning Show came up with a couple of games that they think El Pasoans would play, if we made our OWN Squid Game games & childhood games that SHOULD be in the Squid Game.

However, I want to talk about one game, in particular, the very first game that was played in the show: Red Light, Green Light.

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If you need a reminder on how to play Red Light, Green Light (or if you've never played it before), how's to play:

After talking to a couple of my friends & people online, I've decided to narrow it down to five places that I personally think are prime locations to play a giant game of Red Light, Green Light.

1. Ascarate Park


There are many parks in town that could be great spots for RLGL (like Album or Veterans) but I chose Ascarate simply because of the Lake right there next to the park. It's pleasing to look at & anyone who loses could simply jump in the lake instead of sitting on the grass. OR you could have a version held ON the water for an extra challenge. And speaking of water...

2. El Paso Events Center Ice Rink

Daniel Paulus

You want to talk about a challenge, how about Red Light Green Light... on ICE? It can be tricky enough playing the game on solid ground but playing RLGL on the same rink the El Paso Rhinos hockey team plays on? I definitely smell a challenge...

3. Sun Bowl Stadium

Daniel Paulus

You know the Sun Bowl Stadium is HUGE. After all, it IS the home for the Miners Football team & the spot for when Monster Jam comes to town. So it's a prime open area & if you want to add a couple of obstacles to make it interesting, I think the Sun Bowl is a GREAT place for a game of RLGL. And the Sun Bowl isn't the only stadium that could work...

4. Southwest University Park

Daniel Paulus

The home for the El Paso Chihuahuas & the El Paso Locomotive FC is another perfect spot for Red Light Green light. A huge open area with plenty of space to play, not to mention another area where plenty of spectators could watch if people want to come out & see. But there is one more wide-open area that I think is perfect for Red Light, Green Light...

5. White Sands National Park

White Sands National Park Facebook

I mean you want to talk about a HUGE playing field... White Sands is probably the BEST spot in terms of size with over 3 miles of land to work with. When I watched the first episode of Squid Game, this was the area that IMMEDIATELY popped in my head, if El Paso decided to hold a giant game of Red Light, Green Light.

So those are 5 of my choices to hold a giant game of Red Light, Green Light. And anyone decides to make this happens, I'd gladly volunteer to be a referee.

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