When it comes to snacking, I'm a pro at it. Snacks are great! However, I think we all know that here in El Paso, we don't do basic snacking!

It became hella evident that we don't just do basic chips and cookies when we asked on our Facebook page "What's a snack you loved as a child that you never grew out of?"

We got some great comments! While I expected answers like "chocolate chip cookies" and "hot pockets" (we did get some of those, and that's cool) I was more surprised at some of the answers we got, not because they're unheard of, but because for the most part, we all kind of had the same favorite snacks! Here are five that I thought stood out, and that totally represent El Paso!

1. Fruit

Not just any fruit though. Many like to top their fruit with lime and Tajin, or maybe some chamoy. Fruit, for the most part, isn't considered a snack, but here in EP, it most definitely is! Sandia loca, or pina loca, it's a must try if you haven't already!

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2. Hot Cheetos

I knew this one would definitely come up, but some of y'all are creative! Obviously, Hot Cheetos and cheese or Hot Cheetos with lime is delicous, but some of you took it a step further and enjoy with with sour cream, hot sauce and cream cheese! Wild! I'll have to try that!


3. Dori-Nachos

It's the best of both worlds really! Doritos are a great chip, but when you add hot sauce, corn and cheese- it makes for one mouth explosion! Delicious!


4. Cueritos 

Cueritos are pork skin pickled in vinegar. It might not sound appetizing, but it most cerainly is! Especially if you add hot sauce and lime! Bonus if you add them to the Dori-Nachos!


5. Tortillas 

The humble and simple flour tortilla. It's perfect on its own. The beauty of the tortilla is that you can customize it anyway you want. Freshly made with some butter is one of my favorite snacks; some of you like to add peanut butter and jelly, or just corn syrup, it all sounds good!

Usman Yousaf via Unsplash

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