I had no clue that Pokémon was still a thing until they released Pokemon Go the other day.

The app has many El Pasoans wandering the streets in hopes of spotting Pokemon. The Pokemon app has been crashing the past couple of days because it's so popular. Locally one of our listeners has created a Twitter account to help people find Pokéstops and to answer other user questions. You can follow the account [HERE]

Check out five cool Pokéstops you can hit up in the Sun City.

1. Downtown El Paso

Fernando Cuevas

The recent renovation of San Jacinto Plaza in downtown El Paso makes it a great place to get out and encounter wild Pokémon. I highly recommend you take a walk around the El Paso Convention Center and Southwest University Stadium to earn other items.

2.The El Paso Zoo

Brian Wancho Photography

The El Paso Zoo has prairie dogs, who are named for Pokémon characters! So, it only makes sense that wild Pokémon would be hiding there. I can't stress this enough but remember to be alert of your surroundings at all times while in the zoo because the last thing we need is a kid landing inside of an animal's enclosure.

3. University of Texas at El Paso

Brian Wancho Photography

I was picking up a friend from UTEP and while I was waiting I discovered a bunch or Pokéstops and gyms at the university. This was a great way for me to get pokeballs and other sweet items.

4. Ascarate Park

george ramos via YouTube

Usually, I like to hang out on Sunday's and listen to oldies att Ascarate Park but this weekend I'm going on a hunt for wild Pokémon.  It's the place to find water Pokémon and you can also earn cool stuff at this location.

5. The Chamizal National Memorial

Chamizal National Memorial via Facebook

I spoke to PokeCardAddict on Twitter and he gave me this huge tip. There are a couple of Pokemon hanging out at the Chamizal National Memorial Park. It's a great place to roam and have a little picnic in the park while you're out searching.

A couple of more spots in the city include Fort Bliss, Chico's Taco's, and the local malls.