If you're missing your furry family member, you may want to check out FitFamEp's Instagram! They have received quite the amount of videos and pictures of lost pets. A lot of people tend to underestimate how much fireworks affect your furry kids. After celebrating the 4th of July a lot of animals went missing due to the fireworks. But FitFamEp did their civic duty by sharing each pet that was found. If you keep your dogs outside, you should let them stay inside while people celebrate with fireworks. By keeping them indoors it helps prevent any future problems like a future missing pet. FitFamEp has a few dogs on their Instagram story that went missing during the 4th of July festivities. If your pet has gone missing, hopefully, next year you will keep your furry kids indoors not outdoors. You can always visit the Humaine Society, Lost and Found Pets in El Paso, or FitFamEp's Instagram story.

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