The 5th annual 420 Festival is happening Thursday - Saturday on the East side.

The Boardwalk is the site for 3 days of music, food, drinks and education about the medical use of marijuana. quoted 420 Fest founder/organizer Alex Vargas, with Alive Audio, as saying that ... among other things ... cannabis:

"helps those who suffer from epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, chronic pain and other illnesses.

Colt DeMorris, director of El Paso NORML, will be at the event as well to discuss where bills regarding medical marijuana ... and the legalization of marijuana in general ... stand in Texas.

Plus; food, drinks and live entertainment from local and regional bands like: Hot Shot Kixxx, Brother Strange, Cordova, Sluthammer. Beneath The Waves, Red Light Cameras, Lonely Horse and LOTS more. (Check 'em all out on the flyer.)

All for only $5.00 per day!

Facebook/Alex Vargas
Facebook/Alex Vargas

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