These two cool dudes who make 3Oh!3 will be coming to perform next month in El Paso! They're bringing their creative style to the Sun City and plan on leaving us starstruck. You can see their show Tuesday, November 13 at the LowBrow Palace. 3OH!3 will also have a special guest, Lil' Aaron performing. This will be an all ages show and doors will be opening at 6 pm. These guys remind me of my single days especially the song above! I remember when they had Katy Perry join in on this song and I fell for it even more. In 2009 I was all about being single with no boyfriend since love was a word that was hard for me to pronounce. This band made me feel better about not wanting to settle down in a relationship and just have some fun. You want to purchase your tickets to see the kind of show these guys put on.

These guys definitely put on a good show and hope to see them next month and remember the old days!

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