Avenger's Infinity War is officially out and Lisa and I got to see it! So without any spoilers, here are 35 thoughts I had while watching it!

  1. Running into Lisa's friend who works at the theater; this is the guy we had to ask to measure how far the screen was from the second row. It's not bad really.
  2. Two seconds into the movie and my heart is scared for what's about to happen!
  3. Typical Loki!
  4. First death in and I. AM. SHOOKETH!
  5. Wait. No. That was just the intro?!
  6. Ah, Gwyneth Paltrow. She's selling weird infinity stones on her website. They go up your hoo-ha.
  7. Oh, hey, Spidey Senses!
  8. Wow, it's early for that Stan Lee Cameo.
  9. Some jerk wrote this spoiler on Facebook and I didn't believe it!
  10. Where the heck is Hawkeye?!
  11. Aww, family car ride with the Guardians!
  12. Thanos and his Infinity Stones is like Steppenwolf in Justice League with his boxes.
  13. Ooh, a Thor and Starlord sandwich, I'd like to be the cheese in that sandwich.
  14. OMG everyone in the theater just jumped! That came out of nowhere!
  15. Yaaass Captain America! #babydaddy
  16. Captain America is a great example of a beautiful man with a beard.
  17. Drax is totally Buzz.
  18. Where the heck is Hawkeye?
  19. Oh, they've just addressed Hawkeye.
  20. Yaasss! Wakanda Forever!
  21. Peter Parker and his pop culture references!
  22. Lisa just told me that she's attracted at Thor's knowledge of different languages.
  23. Lisa: "Oh look, a Lannister." That's like, Game of Thrones, right?
  24. What is this, a dementor?
  25. SO. MUCH. DEATH!
  26. What the hell are those?! Baby venoms??
  27. The end of Wakanda?? No!
  28. Wait. Wasn't the world supposed to end like, three days ago??
  29. Yaass! I'm loving the girl power here!
  30. OMG! That was a close one!
  31. NOOOOO!!!!! No. No. No.
  32. This is intense. And I ate a bunch of popcorn. My blood pressure is out of wack!
  33. Wait. What is happening here?!
  34. End. WTF?! THAT'S how it ends??
  35. Post credits scene. Everyone is silent. What did I just watch?

That's it. That's the end. I'm a little traumatized, am I just supposed to go on with my day like nothing happened?? Like I'm not emotionally scarred?! All in all, a great movie, but if you're going, take some tissues and don't get emotionally attatched to anyone.

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