There are some historic bars in El Paso that most of us have had some good times at. Normally it's tradition to host your family and friends when they come into town to visit you. Usually, the best places to invite family and friends for a good time are vintage bars. El Paso is known for having more than a few historic bars that are very popular with the old and young crowd. Some of my favorite vintage bars in El Paso include The Tap, Rosa's Cantina, and The Dome Bar. Those three bars have been around for quite some time in the Sun City. I really enjoyed The Dome Bar when it did exist while the Camino Real Hotel was still open. The Dome Bar was located inside the hotel but is now known as Hotel Paso Del Norte. The Tap is known and loved for its delicious Mexican food especially for its nachos. They've been opened since 1956 and has been open for business since.

All these 3 bars have one thing in common which is the historical background they each come with. The Tap and Rosa's Cantina have been around for quite some time and still considered popular drinking spots. But my favorite bar with history goes to Rosa's Cantina. Thanks to the Marty Robbins song "El Paso", people who have never been know of Rosa's Cantina. Since then Rosa's Cantina still encounters famous celebrities that have stopped by for a drink as American Decay- The Modern Frontierman reported above. Even some contributors to the HuffPost consider Rosa's Cantina one of the most famous bars in the world. Place your vote on which vintage bar you consider the best place to enjoy a cocktail below.

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