If you have relatives or friends coming to visit and need some help on where to take them this should help! Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you have to make plans for out of towners.

City Travel Reviews recently put together a top 17 list of things to do in El Paso, Texas. Usually, this kind of help takes the pressure off of you and gives you plenty of ideas on where to take your guests. Before a lot of people use to complain saying there's not much to do in El Paso which isn't true anymore. Lately, El Paso has been opening up so many attractions such as The El Paso Chihuahuas, Top Golf and still to come the Aquatic center. But this list also features some places that El Paso has had for many years even before the new attractions. Now, this top 17 list doesn't even include the latest attractions El Paso was given. So you can pick a handful of ideas for you and your guests when they visit the Sun City. You know there are more than 17 things to do in  El Paso since it doesn't include some major attractions. Thankfully our city keeps growing and keeps adding to our to-do list.

This review gives you 17 places to visit whether your idea of fun is adventurous or refreshing your memory with some history!

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