Who doesn't love pizza? It's universally loved! Lately though, if you've listened to the Morning Show, you may have heard us mention pizza once or twice, and not just for it's deliciousness. It all started with the ESPN 10-part Michael Jordan documentary series "The Last Dance." During the last installment, Michael Jordan recounts that the night before game 5 of the 1997 finals he got hungry. Apparently, it was too late to order room service so Jordan instead ordered pizza from the only place that was open that late in Salt Lake City. As the legend goes, five guys showed up to deliver the pizza to Jordan. Then, in the middle of the night, Jordan got sick. Food poisoning prevented Jordan from playing the next day. Maybe he was poisoned? Others believe he was actually just hungover and made the food poisoning thing up. Either way, it got a lot of people talking!

We got another pizza scandal on our hands when diners who ordered pizza thought they were supporting a local pizzeria named "Pasqually's" was actually just Chuck E. Cheese! It all started when pizza lovers who had ordered pizza from "Pasqually's" noticed that the pizza looked and tasted a little familiar. We all know how Chuck E. Cheese's pizza slices don't match, right? (That's a whole different scandal on it's own). So, users who had ordered the pizza then decided to look up the address of this "Pasqually's" and found that it was the same EXACT address as Chuck E. Cheese! Apparently, "Pasqually" is the name of the Chef character in the Chuck E. Cheese band! Apparently, this practice isn't uncommon. Many restaurants are operating under delivery only secondary brands this includes Chuck E. Cheese and Applebee's. This, of course, also got a lot of people talking.

Here are fifteen of the best Tweets on these pizza scandals!

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