Tomorrow is the funeral for my uncle. Everything has been planned out. I had a baseball game last night. We won thirteen to three. I walked twice so they didn't count as an at bat. I only played two innings because my right arm, throwing arm, hurt. It was only four innings long because it was beginning to rain and we had a ten run lead. I had two plays from the outfield. One of them, the ball went clear over my head. I thought it was going to drop short but it went long. This morning in PE we did relays. Our team won every time except for the time when I was the anchor. Keith Kato was the one handing off to me and the other runners made him stop and go around them. The best time we got was one minute and zero seconds. The other people on my team were Keith Kato, Andrew Gilbo, and Chris Gallagher. The second time we were close to losing was when we botched a handoff and were close to last, but we won.


If I could chance myself into any object at will, I would be a hawk. I could soar and swoop down on things.


I would not want to climb a mountain because it is way to dangerous!

Oh how quickly a 12-year-old moves on in life. I believe there is more coming about the passing of my uncle, but clearly baseball and PE are what is important at this moment for 12-year-old Brandon.

I have a feeling the teacher gave us a couple of topics to comment on, which is the reason for the random comments at the end. I used to have a pretty big fear of mountains because we had a family friend who used to hike Mt. Hood frequently, and one night he tripped and fell in the fire. He ended up with nasty burns all over his body. Of course, now I'm almost obsessed with Everest and K2, and the tallest mountains. I like to tell myself I could go do it.

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