Today during lunch, I played basketball. It is hard to play because if you foul them, they will beat you up. I got a rebound but I got knocked on the ground and someone landed on my ankle. My team was Scott Barr (thinks he's good), Jeff Allen (got in fights), Lou Serrafin, Andy Needham, and me. The funniest part was when Andy swished his shot. Jeff Allen got hit by Gary Sargent, meaning he got bumped. Well, today we have to do our skit for Social Studies. Heather is Heather Walters. I am Brandon, and Scott and Jane are a married Muslim couple. We talk about the people and population. Heather typed it out on her computer and she gave everyone a copy. The name of the news team is 20/20. I hope it rains today because I really don't want baseball practice, but I hope it dries up by tomorrow for our first game. We have a really good team this year. We got our uniforms last night and Scott Drakulich says my pants look like bell bottoms. I haven't had a chance to put them on because they are dirty. The team name this year is the White Sox. Everyone on the team White Sox. The uniforms are white with black pin stripes. My is 5. I wanted 17 but they didn't have one. It started to rain last night at practice.

Ah the joys of playground basketball during lunch. There wasn't any actual "beating up" happening if someone got fouled. There was just a little more pushing and shoving. Which to 12-year-old Brandon was probably like getting beat up because 12-year-old Brandon could punch his way out of a wet paper bag.

I don't remember the presentation that is mentioned in this entry AT ALL. Seriously, no clue.

And 12-year-old Brandon was just like Allen Iverson. Practice? We talking about practice...

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