El Paso! Should we try this too?

One thousand musicians got together in Cisna, Italy, and played one of the Foo Fighters' songs together in a bold attempt to get the band to play a show in their city. Drummers, guitarists, singers and more started working together in December to pull off this epic rendition of "Learn to Fly." Fabio Zaffagnini came up with the inventive idea to lure the Foo Fighters to perform in the city. He started a crowdfunding campaign to get his idea off the ground, and was able to raise $48,000 for his cause. Musicians from all over Italy came to the city to help get his idea off the ground.

The result?

This absolutely amazing version of the song. The video gives you multiple angles of the performance, and you can see how much fun all of the performers are having. Even just seeing how in sync the performers are with each other makes me smile! Clearly they had an amazing time getting this video together. Zaffagnini said the video will probably be seen by people all over the world, but it was "conceived to be addressed just to five people: Chris, Pat, Nate, Taylor and Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters."

tweeted about it today:

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