According to the El Paso Times, 100 men and women have been turned away by army recruiters, because they violate the new tattoo policy that began March 31st.

The Army Regulation 670-1, has set the standard for new recruits. They cannot have more than four tattoos below the elbow or knee. Tattoos are prohibited on the neck, face, head, hands, wrists and fingers. Individual tattoos must be smaller than the recruit's hand, and tattoos that are clustered together that appear as one large tattoo, are prohibited.

If a new recruit decides to get his tattoo removed, but ends up with a "branding" from the procedure, they can also be rejected. Branding is a permanent burn that could possibly be left from the tattoo removal process. Ear gauges are also prohibited.

"A lot of the applicants come in here with tattoos or with gauged ears and they've been wanting to join the military since they were kids and they're not able to," said Capt. Joshua Jacquez, Army recruiting company commander in El Paso.

Tattoo polices in other military branches require tattoos to be covered up by while in their uniform, and the content of tattoos is also reviewed before men and women can enlist.