I have a pretty big birthday coming up. That's right, Joanna the Millennial is turning 30! I'm having a millennial crisis. Every now and then I'm like, cool, I'm turning 30, I'm totally an adult. Then, the next minute I'm like "OH. MY. GAWD. I'M TURNING 30! WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!" I think this meme perfectly sums up how I'm feeling:

I was born on a rainy Thursday night in 1989. When I look at it, at 30, my mom already had three children. My sister, at 30, was pregnant with her third child. Me, at 30? I have 30 cats. No, not really, I'm just joking. But seriously. Maybe it's that I just don't really feel like an adult, yet.

Anyways, 1989 was a big year. The Berlin Wall came down. "Batman" was the highest grossing movie of the year and "The Little Mermaid" became a part of our world. And, of course, Nintendo came out with the Gameboy forever changing gaming. But we were also blessed with some of the best songs ever! Here are 10 songs released in 1989 that are celebrating their 30th anniversary!



  • 1

    Black Velvet

    Alannah Myles

    I hear this at the bar every now and then and people lose it!

  • 2

    The Last of The Famous International Playboys

  • 3

    Fire Woman

    The Cult

    When I would work the overnights here at the station, someone would ALWAYS call and request this song!

  • 4

    Rooms on Fire

    Stevie Nicks

    Yes, THE Supreme.

  • 5

    Cult of Personality

    Why does this song feel so relevant today?!

  • 6

    Paradise City

    Guns N' Roses

    Yes, it's on "Appetite for Destruction" which came out in 1987, but "Paradise City" was released as a single in 1989 making the Hot 100 charts.

  • 7

    Dr. Feelgood

    Motley Crue

    This makes me excited for their new movie on Netflix!

  • 8

    Free Fallin'

    Tom Petty


  • 9



    The third and final single from "...And Justice For All" If you're going to the concert this week, send me a video of when they perform it!

  • 10

    I Want It All


    Queen's music will live on forever.

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