I LOVE ROCK!! and LOVE TO ROCK!! and I would love to rock the stage like many in the history of rock!.....but after checking out this post from our partners at livewire.com Even though being a woman you would think I wouldn't be able to be a casualty but check out the #1 video and lets see how safe I AM!! lmao! Enjoy!

No. 10: Machine Head Shoe Attack

No. 9: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Gives Joe Perry a Mic Check

No. 8: NOFX’s Fat Mike Smashes Bass Over Guitarist’s Head

No. 7: Alice in Chains – Silent but Deadly

No. 6: Bret Michaels’ Curtain Call

No. 5: Marilyn Manson Challanges Fan to a Duel

No. 4: Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Bass Throw Fail

No. 3: Sebastian Bach – Arrested After Bottling Incident

No. 2: ‘Have We Got Any Nickelback Fans in Portugal?’

No. 1: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett ‘Seeks and Destroys’ a Small Child