epic fail

No Kiss For Tour De France Stage Winner
On Sunday, Italian cyclist Vicenzo Nibali won the second stage of the Tour de France. He captured the yellow jersey and a spot on the podium between two lovely ladies. It was the first ever Tour stage win Nibali
Jogger Brags About Running In Snow Then Falls Down
Here in El Paso, we don't have to worry about what it would be like to jog while it's snowing outside.  In Portland, this couple talked to a T.V. news reporter and said that running in the snow and icy conditions is not a big deal.
Hilarious Cycling Epic Fail [Video]
This will probably be the best 6 seconds you'll spend on the internet today.  Check out this video in which a girl takes a nasty fall as she is talking and cycling at the same time. Clearly some people just weren’t born to multitask.

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