Since the start of the pandemic, it's become a little more difficult to plan a bigger trip out of town. El Pasoans are instead opting for "staycations" where you can act like a tourist in your own town and get away from your usual routine. Veronica wrote a great article about El Paso hotels where you could spend your staycation. Because of the pandemic, I'm not entirely sure if their pools are available for use, and in this heat, a pool is surely needed for a getaway.

A brand new app called "Swimply," it's being called the AirBnB of swimming pools, has been released and displays where you could rent out private pools hourly. In El Paso, there are only two pools available. They're actually pretty nice pools, at a rate of $45 per hour.


If you're looking for a bigger experience, I would recommend AirBnB. AirBnB has become my new best friend. If you've never used it before, it's real simple to sign up and start looking up places to stay, experiences or adventures. It offers unique experiences to your liking and it's reasonably priced if you're on a budget. El Pasoan's have opened up their homes and properties and offer some really great places to stay. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or an extended stay, El Pasoan's offer not only entire homes for big families but also, contemporary and resort style spaces where you'll actually feel like you're on vacation. If this is more your type, then keep scrolling to check out ten AirBnB's in El Paso that have a pool where you could beat the heat!

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