Happy National Donut day! For those who celebrate- I'm sure you're filled with tons of great local offers for some free donuts. I however, shan't be participating today all because of an incident three years ago. This is the story of how a donut filled with sriracha ruined my taste for them.

For the record, I don't absolutely hate donuts, if I'm in the mood for a donut I'll have, however, I don't immediately reach for the donuts when they're around me. Three years ago I would be delighted when someone would bring donuts, but after my experience, things changed.

In 2018, all of us on the Morning Show decided to have some fun on National Donut day and played a game of "Donut Roulette". What is donut roulette, you ask?

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Well, we somehow convinced  our local Dunkin' donuts place to get us a dozen donuts, with a catch. Six donuts were to be filled with regular filling like custard or raspberry. The other six were to be filled with the grossest things you could think of, like mayonnaise, fish paste and sriracha.

Rules of the game were simple, between Buzz, Brandon and I, we'd answer a trivia question related to donuts, and if we got it wrong, we'd have to choose a donut and if we were lucky, it would be filled with some sweet custard but if we weren't so lucky, it would be filled with something not so sweet.

The moment we got the donuts, things went off the rails! We received the donuts and we couldn't tell which donuts were regular one and which ones were filled with the unholy things. We figured that they mistakenly gave us regular donuts; we were wrong.

Because we were certain that they were regular donuts, Brandon grabbed one and bit into it -but it wasn't filled with custard, it was filled with fish paste! Halfway through being on air, Brandon came to the realization that his donut was filled with fish paste!

After confirming that the donuts were in fact ready for roulette, we proceeded with our trivia game. When my turn came, I got my question wrong, and I had to eat a donut. I confidently took a bit out of what I hoped would be raspberry. It wasn't. It was filled with sriracha!

As soon as I realized what it was, I couldn't keep it down, I had to throw it out. But it was too late, the taste would forever haunt me. I was nauseous for most of the day. I didn't really eat much that day. To this day I can't eat donuts the same way.

Only one percent of Americans hate donuts, and while I may not hate them completely. I certainly am not a big fan of them anymore. I'm forever haunted by sriracha and powdered donuts.

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