Just in time for Easter- Peeps marshmallows are taking over Dunkin' Donuts! The popular chain announced last month that they would unveil new Peeps donuts and new Peeps marshmallow flavored coffees! If you're a big fan of Peeps then this is definitely right up your alley!

Marking the beginning of Spring, in an official Tweet, Dunkin' announced the arrival of their Peeps donuts and coffee!

It's a great way to mark the beginning of Spring as well as a way to kick start Easter! Since this is the season you usually see Peeps EVERYWHERE it may seem like a bit of overload with the Peeps, especially since Peeps keep coming out with all kinds of wacky flavors! So far, the reception has been mainly positive for the coffee and as usual the donuts are a hit!

Now, I'm not really a sweets person so Peeps are a little overwhelming for me (although I did enjoy the fruit punch flavor Peeps). And as much as enjoy coffee in its purest form, I have to admit, all the positive feedback I'm seeing for their Peeps marshmallow flavored coffee has piqued my interest. I'm actually down to try it! Will you be celebrating Spring with some Peeps donuts and coffee? Let me know!


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